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Social Media: Check Your Channel Settings

Social Media: Check Your Channel Settings

Georgiana Dearing, Apr 6, 2012

More and more I am running across bloggers and content providers who are using social channels like a funneled megaphone: bluntly spreading the same message loudly across a wide area with one click.

There are a ton of automated posting tools enabling publishers to put the same message out across multiple channels instantly. This is great for times when you need to share some information with every audience immediately. The consumption problem comes when the publisher uses a “set it and forget it” approach, linking everything at once in a preference pane, and not choosing the tools with discretion.

As a reader, to consistently see the same post in a multitude of places (a series of personal photos posted to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and your LinkedIn profile) seems like overkill to me. Compound that with your brand account automatically posting a tweet from your personal account, and now the message you are sending is not, “hey, here is something interesting about me” but “wow, I sure can make a lot of noise with one click.” It is a sign that the publisher isn’t being strategic about their message.

So much repetition can cause the content consumer to tune out. I use my digital tools selectively, following individuals for specific reasons with different tools. It does mean that there are places where I have crossover connections: If I follow a brand on Twitter, I might also follow the human beings I know at that company, too. Adding another dimension to a relationship is one of the reasons social media is enriching our connections.

I like connecting with my colleagues. I like knowing them in different ways. There are many folks doing it right. Work info coming through work channels, personal info coming through personal channels. But periodically I have to go through my connections and unfollow people who aren’t editing their streams… I just can’t weed through multiple posts of the same information every day. There is not that much time in my life. 

Take a look at your social strategy. If you are sharing everything with everyone all the time, chances are you might end up sharing nothing.


Brooke Cagle