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10 Questions to Build Your Content Strategy

10 Questions to Build Your Content Strategy

Georgiana Dearing, Jul 12, 2016

Where do you begin when building a Product Marketing Content Strategy that will keep customers coming back and new ones coming in? You have a great product, the flavor is interesting, the packaging unique. Your debut in a new market is great. That first stock of pickles* moves fast, but how are you planning to make those first-time buyers repeat customers? What happens after someone buys that first jar of pickles? How can you expand your market and grab repeat buyers?

Answer these ten questions about your product to give yourself a better understanding of what your content strategy should look like. As you answer the questions, think about the when, where, and who of your content strategy. When do you put out content? What does it look like? And who will see it?

  1. Consumption Rate: How many pickles can a person eat in one year?

  2. Regional Preferences: Are there parts of the country that eat more pickles than others?
  3. Peak Season: Is there a best season for eating pickles?
  4. Event Marketing: Are there holidays or events that are centered around pickles?
  5. Suggested Use: Can you use pickles as an ingredient in recipes?
  6. Menu Ideas: What foods pair well with pickles?
  7. Connoisseurs: What wines or beers pair best with your pickles?
  8. Pantry Staples: Is it reasonable that pickles can be included in every lunch or dinner? Or a healthy eating plan?
  9. Upselling: Does your pickle packaging make an attractive gift item?
  10. Partner Marketing: Does your brand of pickles represent your region well enough for travel gifts?

If you have solid answers to even a few of the questions above, you've got a foundation for content marketing to capture repeat sales. Adjust portion sizes for pantry stocking, then plan campaigns around typical restock timelines. Post recipes on your site and social media. Partner with other producers to cross-promote food pairings. Plan campaigns around holidays or seasons. Connect with popular travel destinations for partnership opportunities to reach tourists and beyond your local region.

Spend a little time on this list, and you'll have plenty of ideas to finish out your content plan for the year. Let us know how you do, we'd love to hear your success stories. If you need help turning your strategy into action, we can help you with that, too.

*Pickles: Insert your product wherever we’ve used pickles. We like pickles. Pickles count as a vegetable, right? Plus, you can’t say it without smiling.